Knitwear for the Brady Bunch


This one is going to give me nightmares about junior high.

That stuff is awesome. You could get that knocked up & vintaged in China for fuck-all and make out like a bandit.

The shot in the BB post reminds me of a rather – form-following – pair of swim trunks I had at about that age. Though they weren’t knit.

It looks as if Barbara Walker created a good chunk of the 1970’s from whole cloth and yarn; a new age atheist, feminist, and skeptic who drew the images on these tarot cards.

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I didn’t just HAVE that vest…I MADE it for myself! Same color, even.


Funny how tight-fitting swim trunks on a boy immediately strike as me as skeevy, but I don’t think I’d even notice them on a girl. Says something about societal expectations, I suppose.

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I thought those dark glasses reminded of the black bars they used to put over people eyes back in the days before they could pixelate faces.

Well, here in Europe, that’s quite different. Here, speedos have been responsible for incredibly embarrassing childhood photos for generations.


Still available on Etsy!

If only Cops and Google Street View still used 'em. It just ain’t no fun anymore.

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