Adhesive bras: a 1949 fashion trend that dropped off quickly



Christ, that must have been painful as hell. In spite of spurious claims to the contrary.

Or they could just… oh wait. USA? 1949? Yea, never mind.

They’re still around.

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Yes, but we ladies don’t wear them to play shuffleboard.

I guess the sub-par adhesives were the cause of the downfall of this tech.


So they’re not “bras” so much as giant, breast-hiding pasties for strap-less tanning. So very American.

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Did they have them with tassles?

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We call it — The Reverse Panda.

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They still make something similar for people with strapless slinky dresses. A nipple concealer.,-reusable-nipple-concealers/ID=prod6156846-product

Don’t they make something to prevent jogger’s bleeding nipples?

Try a band-aid, preventively applied. A square of duct tape will also work.

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I like to imagine that those two are still at it, they just need a little more adhesive than they used to.

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That’s why the trend dropped off quickly. I think I see what he did there in the title.


I don’t think anyone makes cone shaped ones anymore, maybe some fetish wear, but there are many different styles of adhesive bras still available. Everything from nipple covers to what amounts to the full front of a normal bra. The push up versions have hooks that you use to connect the cups after application to create cleavage.

Weird dresses call for weird bras and often alot of fashion tape.

Fashion tape is also how you keep things like skimpy super hero costumes in place.

When I was very young (18 or 19) I made the mistake of trying to use regular double stick tape to keep up my vinyl thigh highs. That left some welts.

Lol… crazy old fashions of antiquity!

…Oh wait nvm.

I love that they look like little doll hats.

Were breasts pointier in the 40s?

It was called the “bullet bra”.

Looked a bit strange under sweaters, so the trend died a quiet death.


Still popular, though, among the Ratchedy psychiatric nurses like Nurse Diesel in “High Anxiety”.

I was kidding about the “died a quiet death”. the human equivalent of tailfins, perhaps?

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