Video: Every time they say "back to the future" in Back to the Future

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I’d like a much tighter edit where all we hear is:

“Back to the future”
“Back to the future!”
“Back to the FUTURE”
“Back to the future?”
…and so on.

It needs to be more of a mantra.

I was wondering why it was so inartfully edited - maybe assembled by computer?

So when they were in their future (October 21, 2021 and all our double neck-ties therein) did they never say they needed to get “Back to the Past!” (1985)?

that is an awful super clip. They didn’t even include the “back to the future“ from the final scene of the first movie!

But it’s a good thing the studio exec didn’t get his way on the title:

They traveled to 2015, not 2021.

The first movie was largely set 30 years prior to Marty’s time (1955), the second was 30 years in his future (2015), the third was 100 years prior (1885). All nice round numbers.

It depresses me a bit to know that if someone were to do a remake of the film today the teenage protagonist would only be traveling back to 1992, when I was in High School. I’m old man McFly now.

E.T.A.: I liked this appearance that the actors did in 2015:

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