Video explores a pristine slot canyon in the Cascades

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That sonorous narration stopped me from getting to the end of the video to see what it’s a commercial for.


Ya, I’d like all producers of beautiful natural footage to know that part of the appeal of these places is that we don’t have to hear other people talking at us. :slight_smile:

Oh, and it’s a commercial for like five different things.

But it’s shore is purdy!


You made the right call. When the guy zooms through in the Mazda 3 it’s very upsetting.


Why was the voice actor reciting those awful death metal lyrics over this otherwise perfectly fine nature video?


Sometimes I wish that humans would just leave these few untouched places alone. Is it not just caving into your ego to go and see it? You had to bring along the pro video crew and the drone as well? I’m sure that was all welcomed by the wildlife there. On a west coast road trip this year, I found the remains of two drones in the backcountry - a reminder that for every stunning aerial shot there is probably a discarded quadcopter somewhere.

The video’s creators then go on to basically tell everyone else they aren’t up to the challenge, thereby asserting ownership over the canyon.

Leave no trace is great, but it’s virtually impossible to pull it off with a large group and lots of gear. It also belies the fact we have an impact while we are out there, regardless of what we leave behind.


This video reminds me that I just love living in Cascadia. There’s so much wondrous wilderness to experience. I appreciate their efforts of leaving as little of a trace as possible. I think they should create a mini documentary on how hikers (and hunters) can/should go about doing exactly that. I love being out in the wild, and I prefer not to limit other people’s experience who will arrive after me. I don’t think it will take too much effort to make leaving as little of a trace as possibe a part of the culture of the full spectrum of hikers.


Most things, with the exception of documentaries about people and human events, would be better without narration. Narrators are like the annoying friend who talks through a silent movie.


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