Video feedback + coughing = ultimate example of re-encoding quality degradation


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Thought for a second maybe he would cut into “Sweet Leaf.”



What a true artist can do with a cough. Magnificent!


That much degradation so fast has a lot more to do with his audio capture and playback system than with the encoding algorithms unless he’s purposefully using a really shitty codec. Low fidelity + limited frequency range + non-flat response curves are going to produce this sort of result.

If you want to hear the cumulative effects of AD-DA conversions then on a digital audio console route the direct out of a channel out an output then cable that into another input. Make sure your gain stages are setup for equal level across channels. Wash rinse repeat. Now go down that chain of channels and solo along the way. That will give you an audible progressive example of the results of repeated re-encoding without the problems present in the video above.



Do you suppose he really coughs like that?


RIP headphones


I am sitting in a room…


iteration of cough drops in the bigger than macro world

I always think of kofi annan for some reason


Different from the one you are in now.


So glad I’m not the only one who immediately thought of this recording.


Mr. Smith Jack Douglass is his name, and he has a cough.

fixed that for you


The shirts and mimicking of little mannerisms from previous rounds like licking lips or nodding head, etc to create the flow really made this video.


Sheldon, is that you?


Came here to post this.


I wish he had just said “Hello” rather than the cough!

Also, who made it through without coughing? Not me.


Ha, yes, my first thought was ‘put him in a black suit and he looks like a Matrix agent’.
This guy has it so easy on Halloween.


I am sitting in a room


Shhhhh! Just enjoy the fun man!


“Fun? Ah, yes, the employment of time in a profitless and non-practical way.”