Video finally reveals what's at the bottom of Yemen's Well of Hell

Finding no visual evidence that a hole is a Djinn Prison is pretty weak and circumstantial evidence that a hole is NOT a Djinn prison, IMO. And the suggestion that this is a settled question is a little insulting to Djinn prison designers.


Or Frog. Snakes are pretty low metabolism, so it does not take that much prey to sustain them.


I would guess there’s also fish and other aquatic insects in that water. Probably pretty tiny species, but it’s always amazing to me how aquatic life seems to make its way into every single tiny persistant puddle everywhere.

You know what they say…


That too.



"Hellwell lies at the top of the world and it leads down to its roots.

"It is probably as old as the world itself; and if it is not, it should be, because it looks as if it were.

“It begins with a doorway. There is a huge, burnished metal door, erected by the First, that is heavy as sin, three times the height of a man and half that distance in width. It is a full cubit thick and bears a head-sized ring of brass, a complicated pressure-plate lock and an inscription that reads, roughly, ‘Go away. This is not a place to be. If you do try to enter here, you will fail and also be cursed. If somehow you succeed, then do not complain that you entered unwarned, nor bother us with your deathbed prayers.’ Signed, The Gods.”

– Roger Zelazny, “Lord of Light”


Unless the snake population is regularly replenished by new ones coming down and getting trapped, the hole would have to have something of its own ecosystem, and not a lot of snakes can survive on insects, so the ecosystem would have to be producing vertebrates for the snakes to eat (unless their food was regularly falling in). The area at the bottom doesn’t seem particularly big nor lively either, though - not a lot of plant material nor any obvious signs of animal life (not even real pools of water, etc.).

But actually, it turns out I was grossly underestimating snake climbing ability:

Even flat brick walls provide enough surface for snakes to gain climbing leverage, it turns out, and the walls of this are a lot rougher than a brick wall, so I suspect that’s the answer - they go down into the hole because it’s sheltered, but don’t necessarily live down there all the time.


I once watched a small copperhead snake climb up bricks and go into a crevice in the ceiling of my back porch awning, before I could find something to kill it. Rather than try to get the snake out of the ceiling, I sold the house.


Or else the abrupt stop at the bottom… :wink:


Best. Well of Hell. Ever.


Here’s a Djinn I like:

Disclaimer: This is the only vid of theirs involving their annoying him. It’s normally t’other way round, and/or cuddles, adventures big and small, playing, etc. A lot of their music sucks, but Djinn is tiny and lovely.

A researcher excavating and studying ancient mouse fossils in Kenya was working with other scientists who were excavating and studying early hominids. Every day as they ate lunch, everything became very quiet just before a big dust devil went thru the middle of the campsite. It wreaked havoc, scattering papers and clothes drying on the line, etc. The native workers were certain it was a Djinn.

Fed up, the mouse scientist addressed it after several days of lunchtime chaos. “Would you please go around our camp? You’re making important work even more difficult!”

The dust devil showed up at the same time the next day, but they saw it hesitating at the camp’s edge where it had come in. It suddenly changed direction, and went around the camp. The scientists waved hello, and the mouse scientist called, “Thank you!” It hesitated again, as if acknowleding them, and continued on its merry way. Lunchtimes happened the same way during the rest of their dig.

When they broke camp and drove off for the airport at dig’s end, a big dust devil followed their vehicles for more than a mile.

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Now just imagine what that place looks like on the night of a full moon. WOW!!

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Reminds me of the cave from the movie “Coco.”

Hell looks nice.

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