Man found in snake


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P.S. The snake’s dead.


I made the mistake of watching the video of men slicing the snake open to see what was inside. Wish I had not done that. Nightmare material.


Akbar was found in the snake’s stomach.

Need to put [78th] eaten by snake at the bottom, somewheres.


This is exactly where I went Glad to see I am not the last Life Is Hell fan


Man eaten by snake dies.

That bit, not a surprise. The rest? EW!!! So not going to watch that…



He must’ve fallen out of a tree and died, or something similar. Perhaps murdered and (in theory) cleverly disposed of. I find it hard to believe a python could catch a human that could still run and struggle. And why was the python dead when they found it?


If he’d been a porcupine, it would have been different. The Internet teaches me those things.



Could it have been … MURDER?


This is what you call “Nightmare Fuel”.

So is this story:


:notes: Oh, heck,
It’s up to my neck.
Oh, dread,
It’s upmmmmmmmmmmffffffffff . . .:notes:


I was wondering what became of Shel Silverstein.


The BBC report stated that locals reported hearing cries from the palm grove the night before he was found.


Napping on the job perhaps?

There’s really no way to be sure that whenever you close your eyes to go to sleep you won’t wake up inside a snake.


It’s a constrictor. It only needs to get one coil around you and you’re in trouble. At that size it’s probably stronger than a human, and if you run you’ll just drag it with you.

I’d guess it’s dead because its eyes were bigger than its stomach. Snakes are geared towards swallowing things inexorably, not so much spitting them back out when it turns out to be a bad idea. There was a viral story and pic a few years ago about a python that swallowed a gator and then burst open and died; I imagine this is a slightly less dramatic version of that.


Yet more evidence that palm oil harvesting is not sustainable.


Plz use the spoiler tag. Thx.


After a couple decades of internet and pre-internet usage I have learned to ignore my more curious impulses and – Never click those links. The last time I made such a mistake was 2003 when I found out what a shotgun suicide looks like. I would pay serious money to have that removed from my memory. It can’t be healthy to have that rattling around in my head. :sweat: