Video: Fred Armisen doing iconic NYC accents




China town! For god’s sake… China town!!!


seriously, what did the guy expect Armisen to do? Mickey Rooney in Breakfast at Tiffany’s?


Fred Armison does non new york accents, including Vietnamese.
So, he might be able to do a Chinatown accent, but it wouldn’t neccesarily be subtle. It would distract from what he was trying to do with the set, which was to demonstrate that he can take a New York accent and really break it down into East Village, Upper East side, Far Rockaway, even though most outsiders wouldn’t be aware of the difference.


I understand why he didn’t, but part of me really wished Armisen had verbally dismissed him in some sort of way. I suppose just ignoring his was for the best, though.


Fred is on point here, and his Astoria accent is pitch perfect. Alack and alas, the displacement of native Nu Yawkizz over the past 20 years or so by the hipster horde will eventually and ironically leave the linguists of Lawn Guyland as the last bastion of our lovely lilts.


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