Video from camera falling from airplane and landing in pig pen


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An oldie but goodie.

Truer words were never spoken.


oh wow, the rate of rotation caught up with the shutter speed and synced perfectly to show the landing!

that was amazing :smiley:


landing in pig pen

Poor Pig-pen.


This is how the singularity will arrive


The first High Altitude Balloon rig I sent up had a little Canon Powershot sitting in a cheap insulated lunchbox with a cardboard placard zip-tied to the outside that said, essentially, “THIS IS AN EXPERIMENT–PLEASE RETURN TO…” with my telephone number/email address. We launched the thing from northern central Florida and while the tracker worked for ~2 hours, it failed shortly thereafter. I figured the thing was gone.

And then, about two months later, I got an email and then a phonecall from a hunter who’d found the thing dangling from a tree (he shot it out of the tree, and happily didn’t shoot the lunchbox itself). Post-flight, but pre-rediscovery shot, hanging in the tree, somewhere near Macclenny, Florida:

At the apogee of the flight, the landmass in the distant middle is the northern coastal armpit of Florida:

<img src="//" width=“615” height=“461” “North Florida spatial barrens”>

I like that the GoPro owner found the camera 8 months later, but I’m curious how the farmer found it in the pig pen.



Wasn’t that a scene from The Wizard of Oz?


The pig tried to eat it? A shocking turn of events!



“but I’m curious how the farmer found it in the pig pen”

Well, I’m no specialist in pig farming, but I’d guess it went something like “Hey piggies, here’s your food! Ouch! What the hell did I step on? Why is a fucking camera here?”


And, hell, I like and respect the hell out of farmers – that shit is hard work – but a little break from the tedium of the chores must come as a delight. No way he wasn’t going to figure out that mystery.


Welcome to the rolling shutter effect.




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