Video: In line at the Burning Man DMV


Tedious bureaucracy as entertainment?


does long lines at the dmv in life imitate long lines at the dmv in art, or does long lines at the dmv in art imitate the long lines at the dmv in life?

So The Man owns Burning Man now. Humanity is in decline.

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The wait there last week was longer than the wait in my home town, but our state government revamped its system some years back after lots of complaints. Perhaps the Borg needs to step up their bureaucracy.

Heh, I’m actually one of the DMV volunteers. Compared to back in the day, the Burning Man DMV is a model of efficiency - and a lot less assholish. We try to keep things going fast, and fun - we act more as curators of mobile art than anything else, making sure that minimum standards are met, and that the level of art goes up from year to year. Some basic safety concerns are addressed too - railings, stairs, trailer hitch lights, headlights.

Snark aside, we do a pretty complicated job - it takes two to three years for a volunteer to really be up on all of the little quirks, and even then shift leads like myself are called in on the really screwy issues. Trust me, if there’s one thing burners are good at, it’s bending rules into pretzels and standing back afterward, proud of their accomplishment.

We aren’t assholes on the playa - if you came close to your application, you’ll get licensed. Of course, sometimes that comes with a “we’ll talk about this part of the vehicle next year, but for now go have a good burn”. Find any other DMV who’s willing to bend the rules to make people have a better time. I dare you…

Perhaps they don’t pay you enough. I know a couple hotties myself. I will say that things move a lot more quickly in the DMV line than in most bureaucracies.

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