Portrait of a Burning Man scalper


So? Good for him…


I had no idea that I would have needed to buy a ticket to go to Burning Man.


Christ, what an asshole!


Is the undesirability of transactions based on deceit that non-obvious?


It’s an expensive ticket too. The high price was supposed to deter all but the most dedicated from attending.

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What about the lies? If this story is true, he’s taking advantage of people’s desire to help strangers.


Probably because Burners will give other Burners a break and sell an extra ticket at cost, which he only gets because he’s lying to folks. People don’t like lying bastards, especially ones that violate their community ethos.


Looks like the Burning Man ticket cartel just got…disrupted!
What an A+ “entrepreneur” - a man destined for Silicon Valley (or maybe even Wall St.)


Would have thought being held in the middle of nowhere would be a sufficient deterrent.

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Why do you hate the free market?

Excuse me, I mean the Free Market.


Free Market™


I can only speak for myself, of course, but I personally hate the free market / Free Market because it means the most ruthless, greediest, deceitful, and exploitative people are the most successful, and those who are unable or unwilling to engage in cutthroat competition suffer for their weakness, kindness, decency, and the like.

Oh wait, the question was rhetorical. Silly me! :wink:


Suggestion. Since the attendance is limited by how many vehicles fit through the roads, why not just sell cheap tickets, and expensive vehicle passes? Say, a dutch auction, and a 12 hour arrival window (penalties for being outside of that), perhaps the same for departing? Then it could be huge, though you would take the bus, and have your stuff shipped.


Being held in one of the least hospitable places near California was no mistake. The original festival was carefully designed to make sure only a select few people attended. They didn’t want fuddy duddies in there harshing the buzz.

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yeah, this is good old American capitalism, freeing people from themselves whether they want it or not. see, deception and bad faith don’t count as fraud or aggression (wink, wink).

Probably because Burners will give other Burners a break and sell an extra ticket at cost, which he only gets because he’s lying to folks.

I get what you’re saying (lying is bad, lying for money is fraud, no argument there) but think for a moment about why scalping is a crime (or frowned upon) in the first place: because it artificially raises the price of something past the point where it can be efficiently used by the maximum number of people.

If your “kindly BM” theory is correct, and it may very well be, then there are people heading out to BM with extra $380 tickets in their pockets. $380 is a LOT of money (although, if we’re being honest, not a lot of money to most of the BM crowd, aspirations to earthiness notwithstanding). But the ticket would be cheaper–and accessible without going through a scalper–if people like his sellers hadn’t bought more tickets than they actually needed.

And if they hadn’t encountered this guy, and made it all the way to the Playa with their extra tickets? They’d either have been wasted (artificially inflating the price in exactly the same way as would have happened if they’d sold to this guy), sold above cost (in which case they ARE this guy), or–very best case scenario–sold at or below cost on the doorstep of the event… probably to a scalper, who would immediately resell them at a profit online.

My point being, “Burners” selling tickets at cost are very likely motivated less by warm fuzzies than by the desire not to have pissed away $400 for no reason. Which is why scalpers can exist in the first place.

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isn’t is cancelled due to weather this year?

It was closed on Monday, but they’ve reopened it today.

Your logic seems premised on the likelihood that burners will only sell their remaining ticket, instead of bartering it away for some non-cash instrument, whatever it might be (or burning it, or doing whatever they please with it). At the very least, the man pictured above is not acting truthfully, so fuck him and his scalping ways.