Video: Man builds beautiful machine to throw knives with incredible laser-guided accuracy

Originally published at: Video: Man builds beautiful machine to throw knives with incredible laser-guided accuracy | Boing Boing


Now just mount it on one of those robot dogs!



Who is the artist on this one?

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Joerge is probably both extremely impressed and jealous it wasn’t him that came up with it.


That was mentioned in passing in the video which is worth a watch.


I for one welcome our robotic knife-throwing overlooaaahahhHHHHH IT KNIFED ME


That’s from Punisher War Journal Vol 2 #12 penciled, inked and colored by Ariel Olivetti.

On the topic of the knife throwing machine: It’s real cool that his teenage son is the one doing most of the coding on this. Great way to drive interest in programming.


I appreciate the engineering and problem solving, but if I had a neighbor shooting potentially-lethal projectiles at the other side of the fence toward my house, they would know in no uncertain terms the consequences of a single object crossing the property boundary, and it would not be pretty for them.

If he’s so certain that that there’s no risk of one of the knives going off course, then point it at your own goddamn house! It’s the same cavalier attitude and overestimation of one’s precautions that led to Mythbusters firing a stray cannonball through a residence.

As my Constitutional Law professor was fond of saying, “My right to swing my fist ends at the tip of your nose.” I may have to revise it to “Your right to shoot knives toward my house ends at the fence line,” after watching this video.


A knife-throwing robot dog; the stuff of nightmares.

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A knife throwing robot apprentice cook… the stuff of nightmare kitchens with an abusive chef.

Can’t think of any real world examples /s

Someone needs to challenge him to make an elastic-powered version.

And I appreciate your moral clarity on the matter, but then again, your neighbor has a knife-throwing robot… maybe just let it go.

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