Video: Moog synth absurdity from 1971




Don’t put too much brain-work into analysing this music, Musique Idiote mean, as you all well know, Stupid Music.


Needs moar bass drops


**We would love to fund your silly walk, Unfortunately there were budget cuts this year. **


Well that’s 2 minutes of my life I’ll never get back.


Are there minutes of your life you will get back?


The albums he made with Nino Nardini were great, this one in particular:

Sounds Industrial is also a great album:

Some of his orchestral stuff can be a bit too cheesy, but there’s plenty of gems in there as well.


Mentioning Moog silliness requires a mention of Jean Jacque Perrey, used here as a perfect pairing for some other form of sillyness


And people ridicule the Germans’ sense of humor.


And there goes another one.


Well that one will pay dividends.


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