Video of a Navy helicopter chasing boatload of drug smugglers looks like an action movie scene

Originally published at: Video of a Navy helicopter chasing boatload of drug smugglers looks like an action movie scene | Boing Boing


And the impact that this had on the trade in narcotics was… nil?


looks like … propaganda


Of course it had an effect!



A little more than half the cost of one of those helicopters.

So as long as they keep this up without losing any helicopters eventually the price tag will be worth it!



ooh I haven’t seen this one. Apparently starts here

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For some reason I hear “Drugs?”



Once a helicopter is involved, why even bother continuing to run?

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There was a break between the appearance on scene of the helicopter and the boat stopping. Warning shots?

The vessel around 0:09 seems to have one outboard motor. Then around 0:40 it suddenly has two motors. It’s incredible that the guy in the boat was able to install a second motor while under full power. Too bad it didn’t let him out run the chopper.

And yet again boingboing, uses the sun, the most evil newspaper in the uk,


I didn’t bother watching the video, so didn’t realise that was the source.
Can we have a similar campaign against the Fail, please?

ETA: That total eclipse website is excellent, ta for the lick.

Also ETA: LINK, not fecking LICK.

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I think the Daily Heil has that title, although they both have strong competition from the Express, Times and Telegraph.


I started then the sun logo appeared and i stopped.

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The sun used to sell 800k papers a day in and around Liverpool, now it sells like 20k if that, you wont find it sold in many places on Merseyside.

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I was old enough to live through the original story but, until I saw that Eclipse website, I didn’t realise the full extent of the campaign - the taxi signs etc.

I knew it was hated in Liverpool, but they’ve gone the extra mile, rightly so, IMO.

I am aware of that, yet the Daily Heil calls for crimes against humanity on a nearly daily basis, more often than the S*n.

Hillsborough and the Falklands war reporting was bad, but the current climate of inciting the Culture Wars is far more dangerous.

Lets just agree they have all crossed the line where it doesn’t matter who is more evil.

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To be fair, coastguard choppers will be flown regardless of any successful drug interdictions, that’s not their only purpose.

The Sun is just a shitty tabloid, the Daily Wail/Heil is actively malevolent and toxic, and needs to be bankrupted out of existence.

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