Video of extreme haunted house in San Diego




Man, this sounds intense. 4 to 7 hours seems a little crazy though. How big does that house have to be for it to last that long? Unless there’s some sort of puzzle/mystery solving, it seems like you’d be going around the same rooms multiple times.


This looks … unpleasant. Like only for the S&M crowd? The guy getting taped up and ridden like a horse makes me think the waiver is legit, and they don’t really care if they hurt you.


This doesn’t seem materially different from dominatrix services.


Calling a haunted house seems a bit suspect to me.

It’s a consensual torture/S&M(/abduction?) session (which is fine for those who’d want that), but haunted house it’s not…


What could possibly go wrong?


That sounds crazy - how can you make any money only putting 4 people through?

I can’t say I am a huge horror fan, but being in KC I have done some of the houses we have down here that we are famous for. I had a good time, but it made me think of more ways to really scare people, vs the surprise scare.

One idea I had was to have people who work there in line with each group. I would have these people converse with each group, work in something about their outfit to make them memorable. They would get your name, make small talk, find some minor connection with you. So with each group you would have 1-2 “strangers you just met” tag along. Then early in the house they would just disappear through a side door. But later at the end you would find the new people as part of the display, perhaps being disemboweled screaming YOUR name for help. “Jenny! Jenny! Remember me in line! My kids goes to your school! Help me! It’s real! Help me!”

ETA that might only work one season before the word got out that was their gimmick. But I think it would be a good one.

  1. Take however much money you’d like to earn.
  2. Divide it by 4
  3. Charge that much to 4 people.

Some people will pay crazy amount for things that doesn’t seem worth it, but that’s how the luxury business works. I know a guy that charges people thousands of dollars to kidnap them.


Apparently, it’s free. I suspect that some of the staff are a little too happy to do the work, and not at all concerned about being paid.


Then I got nothing. People are weird on both sides of this house.


No, the guy who owns/runs it doesn’t charge money for admission. He asks for donations of four cans or one bag of dog food to support Operation Greyhound.!__faqs


Fun fact: the owner (Russ McKamey) also has a DJ/MC gig:


This looks less like horror and more like hazing. If anything, I feel bad for those snakes.


This chap?

Or do you mean someone who charges people thousands of dollars after he kidnaps them?



And yet when I do it there is a lot of crying and deal making. Don’t these people know the quality they are getting for free?


Is this a uniquely American thing? I can’t imagine people who have actual stressful, let alone traumatic lives, wanting to do something like this. It makes me feel a bit weirded out that people want to experience this, when the people my wife works with are actual survivors of torture, war, famine and persecution.
It feels like it devalues the real suffering that occurs in the world.


Yes and video games, books, movies, and TV devalues the real suffering of war, crime, natural disasters, and relationships.

People who participate in bondage or some physical S&M are also devaluing the experience of people who have suffered real abuse.


Wouldn’t be too hard to fill up 4 to 7 hours if you just leave your customers locked in a cage for most of it.


Yeah, true story, bro.

He’s since moved on to do things more in line with the movie The Game, probably because he realized you make more money from crazy rich people.