Video of would-be mass shooter whose gun jammed after one shot

Originally published at: Video of failed mass shooter


““Just based on my personal observations, I think it’ll be a little while before he is cleared and taken to CCDC,” Schonfeld said in court on July 3. “At that time I will pursue release on conditions.””

He’s got quite an optimistic lawyer working for him.


I’m glad one of these assholes is going to make it to trial alive without the false narrative of vigilante justice masking the absolute systemic and social failure on display every week in the USA wrt guns.


I suppose he did pinky promise that he won’t do it again?


Every gun nut in the country is going to tell him how to do it correctly the next time.


Did I say “gun nut”? I meant “Republican”.


Wow, I’m seriously impressed with the restraint shown by that security guard. I’m guessing most cops would have emptied a magazine into this guy.


He’s a mass shooter without the ‘m’.

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Pure dumb luck that this asshole who clearly intended to kill a bunch of people and likely die by cop did not succeed in his plans…and he’s released on bond.


So, a good guy with a gun is actually a thing? More like the gun jamming was the hero here, but yes, that security guard seemed competent and restrained.

Video was interesting for prurient reasons. Interesting to see what it’s really like to get shot. The impact didn’t factor in much, but he certainly started screaming.

The guy who emptied his magazine was competent and restrained?

He started shooting before the would-be shooter exited the building with no clue what was on the other side of the glass. He also kept firing once the assailant was disarmed.

We’re fortunate he didn’t shoot anyone else.


The security guard. Like @jesseg said above.

He’s the good guy with a gun I’m referring to. It’s a trope of the right…In this case there was a guy with a gun and he stopped the shooter.

Sorry if it wasn’t clear.

There is a whole discussion of this over at the mechanics, how-to thread… :woman_shrugging:

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