Video: rapid-fire history of film effects


Three ADHD minutes of “Oh, I know that - wait, was that that movie which - hey, Sabu! - oh, was that Münchhausen? - ah, I’ve seen this - er, Harryhausen - Mary Poppseidon Adventure - Exorcisalien…”


One was mine :slight_smile:

Cartoons and wholly computer animated sequences are not effects. And it all went far too quickly, I suggest the video editor stops drinking caffeine! :slight_smile:

For something as epic and encompassing as that, keeping it rapid fire to keep it short I found to be just fine.

As for cartoons and wholly animated sequences not being effects, I will have to disagree. Since we have entered into an age of so much on screen is animated, historically as shown in this piece you need some reference points to where it all started.

Well, animated sequences can be effects if anyone remembers the flying scenes from the Superman serials.

Sure, matted overlays are effects, but whole cartoons and whole CGI films are not effects, by the very definition. They are not an effect added to another medium, they are a media in there own right. It’s not a semantic thing, it’s a named definition - ‘special effects’.

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