Video: Sandra Bland's jailer calls Methodist pastor a satanist


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Pshh, those damned Wesleyans.


Ladies and Gentelmen, I present to you the face of modern Satanism

Fear her!


Sounds like someone has fresh batteries in his Scrotitilator™


I expect he’s one of those born again Christians who believe that God said that babes shouldn’t be allowed to hand out the biscuits. So the rest follows.


I didn’t catch his name. Oh, wait it’s Heddy…Hedley.


You spot it, you got it.


So…if we have Satanists visit him…what does he call them?


The next victims his department murders?


ok come on that is totally the face of evil in a cheesy 80s movie.


Welcome to another episode of “I just… Can’t Even”.


The sheriff provides us with a perfect, perfectly really (contra Anne Coulter) useful idiot who in one deft, unconscious and self-unaware utterance demonstrates exactly why the Constitutional framers instituted an inviolable separation between churches and the state.

Back in the days when the US was still a foundling nation, the religionious faced their most clear and present danger from religionists. nuff said…


He called her a satanist. So? I think she should be flattered. The satanic temple has been doing some really awesome work forcing the point on separation of church and state. As an atheist, I consider the satanists allies in the fight for equal treatment under the law, and wouldn’t be bothered at all if I were call one.


Who would have thought it would be the Methodists? They seem so nice.

My money was on the Baptists.


I thought they said Mephistopholist.


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