Video shows hypocrisy by Fox News host over cancel culture

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Thank you, Angie Ugarte!

Restaurateurs who publicly post their insipid views are doing me a favor. It allows me to take my business elsewhere.


And it’s a safe bet that the people who frequent the place are disease vectors.


I’m honestly surprised that wealthy liberals/activist groups haven’t paid a bunch of food trucks just to hang around that restaurant for a few weeks.


This just in: Republicans are lying hypocritical bastards. Film at 11.


i wonder how little a man like him must feel when the fox news makeup crew puts that orange paint all over his face. no wonder they’re all so angry

while im not normally so snarky the difference in skin tone between the first video and the second… he looks like an actual clown ( no offense to clowns intended )


Good idea, but there might be zoning restrictions. Food trucks aren’t allowed in the restaurant district in my city unless there’s a special event and a permit has been obtained.




I happened to notice the Biden-hating business has displayed an incorrect rendering of the US flag - the 4th red stripe from the top should align with the bottom of the blue-starred area, not be below it.
Such patriots!


Hypocrisy is never in short supply. On Fox, on MSNBC, or here.

There is a noticeable difference between posting a sign telegraphing one’s intolerance and saying we don’t want your business here and taking someone aside that you’ve already seated and telling them to get out because you don’t like their politics.

In either case, though, you probably should look up the word “hospitality” if you’re going to be in the industry.


Hedwig and the Angry Binch


Video shows hypocrisy by Fox News host

Fixed that for you.

The irony is, they’re not even the same situation - Sanders wasn’t being denied because of her “political views” but because she was complicit in the Trump administration’s crimes. This restaurant owner, now, is actually discriminating against people based on their political views. It’s hypocrisy and projection!


It’s a surprisingly common problem for the people who claim to love the thing so damn much.


There’s a restaurant out where I’ve had a few gigs that serves really good Southern-style BBQ, something that’s kind of difficult to find in Wisconsin. I stopped there three or four times before I noticed the “thin blue line” flag on the back wall. That was the last time I stopped there.


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I’m actually working for a UK branch of the corporation at the mo, and I think it’s a little different over here.
The engineering team I’m working with support all the radio stations, which includes Talk Radio (I’m here as the team don’t have any experience with TV broadcast workflows, and they launched a TV news channel offering this year).
That means that for practical reasons, we have to spend at least some of our week listening to the output of Talk Radio, and it can be maddening.
A lot of it verges on anti-vax, it’s most certainly “anti-woke”, and it noticeably tries to skirt as close to what is acceptable to broadcast as possible.

But behind the scenes, a lot of the presenters and hosts are genuinely pretty nice people. And certainly, the working environment is one of the best (and most diverse) I’ve ever worked in.
To that end, a lot of what the presenters are broadcasting appears to be an act, specifically tailored to attract a particular audience and be provocative.

Obviously, the problem with that is that the average listener / watcher doesn’t know it’s an act.

I’m freelance at the mo, but they want to make my position permanent, so I’ve applied for it.
It’s taken some mental gymnastics justifying working for the company, but it genuinely is one of the best places I’ve ever worked, and the team are some of the best people I’ve ever worked with.


In other words they are con artists.


You know what they call someone who ironically fucks a goat? A goatfucker.

That’s not a slur on you. We don’t have the luxury of working for the ideal company in capitalism. And also eating. Out of the rain.


Oh, no offense taken. It’s a company that’s been responsible for a lot of political misery.

I was made redundant last year, and have been freelancing ever since. When a job like this comes along where people appreciate my skills and pay me (very) well, it’s not much of a choice in the current climate.

And hey, at least I’m not responsible for editorial control.

There are some presenters here who I still wouldn’t piss on if they were on fire mind you.

It’s just weird seeing up-close that journalistic disconnect from ethics and morality that seems very… British tabloid.

I overheard one of the journos the other day say, completely unironically, “I think the best thing about me is that I have no ethics”.
I deal with her on a daily basis, and she’s always lovely and appreciative. But I think the BSJ instills a very mercenary approach to morality.

A lot of the journos here flit between publications, and while this week they might be writing for Talk Radio and The Sun, next week they may be writing for the Guardian or Independent.

Being a successful journalist in the UK necessitates a certain moral flexibility, so that you can best reflect the views of whoever owns the current publication you’re working for.