Video: Small airplane crashes nose first onto sidewalk (pilot fine)

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Where’s the aviation engineers to tell us why all airplanes aren’t equipped with such-like drag chutes? (“Do you know how @#! big such a chute would have to be for yer average passenger air-liner? Whhhy the lost luggage space alone…”)

“Warning Contains video some may find distressing” oh yeah!? well some of us find Peppa Pig “distressing”

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Not sure if he’s an engineer, per se, but Paul Bertorelli made an interesting video on this topic a couple years back.


He walked away. Per Cabin Pressure that’s a good landing.

“A good landing’s any landing you can walk away from; a great landing is one where they can reuse the plane.” – First officer Douglas Richardson.


Exactly! That’s not a ‘crash’, it’s a controlled landing.

(Extra points for citing Cabin Pressure.) :wink:


It is among the finest comedy ever made


Still blows my mind that you can now give your whole airplane a parachute.

Next up: airbags for cars.

Cars can have parachutes too!

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