VIDEO: Tension mounts as man tries to halt progress of pigeon


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Hey, wait…is that Rob’s house? What?



Hey that sounded just like Curly!


Should’a put “man” in quotes in the headline.


that’s exactly the sound i would make in such a situation. i find this comforting.


Transcript was omitted:

00:19 – Pigeon flaps
00:20 – Fireplace cover comes crashing down
00:21 EN : Woop!
00:24 EN : Woohwaaooohwoo!
00:31 – Laughing like Muttley


We had this problem in an office I worked in. A pigeon got trapped in the blocked-off fireplace after coming down the chimney. After much discussion, we switched off the lights, lowered the blinds, opened the office door and the outside door wide, then removed the partition over the fireplace. After only a few seconds of confusion, the pigeon flew straight out the door into the sunlight like the dove at the end of Blade Runner, kinda.


That. Wuz. Point. Less!


A wire-guided anti-tank missile sure does make a mess out of a pigeon


Looks like the house from “Shawn of the Dead”



My god…its a fricken pigeon. Did he think it was gonna whip out its big fangs and bite him?

At least he had the foresight to not film vertically.


Yep! Now hear this society. Men must never show weakness. If you are a man and have ever shown fear, sadness, or any other female emotion, you must immediately shred and turn-in your Man Card! /s

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Sowing fear is manly, showing fear, not so much.


I would like to salute this man for his bravery. It must have taken a lot of guts to upload this video.


Not so brave. He’s bottled it and taken the clip down… :disappointed:



Well as long as it opens the darn thing and posts the video online, I’m fine with it…


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