Video: Top 11 Chemistry moments in Breaking Bad, with Xeni and Miles


The douchebag’s BMW exploded because Walt shorted out the battery.The sponge’s frame was metal, and it connected both terminals.


It’s a Top 11. You should count down from 11. Not up from 1.

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That comment should win some kind of an award, man.

Minor point of clarification: It’s believed that Gus and Max were lovers, not brothers. Vince Gillian has all but confirmed this.

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I suppose I could have written it less brusquely, but it’s not wrong.

Silly me, I was expecting commentary from somebody who knew about chemistry.

Exactly. Science/chemistry, yes, but not because there was a chemical on the squeegie, because it was metal and water. Which probably started an electrical fire, caught the rubber hoses on fire, etc

We know what blew up Gus, it was a pipe bomb attached to the wheelchair, that he triggered with an electrical current from the bell. That scene is very clear, we even see White making the pipe bomb and going to convince Tio Salamanca to blow himself and Gus up.

Didn’t we see Gus take some kind of antidote before the tequila, too?

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