VIDEO: You can't hammer a nail over the internet (yet)




You can’t hammer a nail over the internet; but the recent success of ‘social’ and ‘sharing economy’ apps (and their piecework ancestors) suggest that you could probably arrange for a peon to hammer the nail in person, over the internet. It’d probably be depressingly cheap, too. And they’d be a contractor, so they’d have rugged independence and you’d incur no liability or pesky occupational safety concerns. Progress!


To be fair, for a one dollar paycheck, you’re not expected to withhold taxes or provide profit-sharing.


Give a boy an internet and everything looks like a nail?


Awwww. It looks like it wants to snuggle the nail!


This is why it is important to divide a given job into as many individual one dollar paychecks as possible and then farm them out.


Well if you’re going to give the job to Mr Burns …


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