Videos capture the wonder of self-expanding foam packaging

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For any other Robert Sheckley fans out there…
“Warning! Highly dangerous! Pvastkin’s Plugger is designed to fill holes or cracks of not more than two cubic vims. however—the Plugger is not to be eaten under any circumstances. the active ingredient, Ramotol, which makes Pvastkin’s so excellent a plugger renders it highly dangerous when taken internally!”

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Well, the state of demolition man foam car gifs on the internet is a little sad, but this’ll have to do for now,


Speed Racer had a similar “foam encapsulation” technique to save drivers from the horrific crashes the racing enabled. Tracks even had “funnels” that these foam eggs the drivers were in would roll to and get out of the way of other cars. An amazing little detail in a very frenetic film.
EDIT: Full disclosure, Speed Racer is on of my top 10 films and while the plot is nothing to write home about, everything else about the film is amazing. To me, this is the Wachowski’s magnum opus (so far).


Does it recycle?

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Mind blown. Didn’t know everything was contained in the bag already.

Waiting for the Live Leak videos of homeless people getting paid $1 to swallow one.

Hey can I buy a few bags from you?
I have an idea for an application…

I look forward to seeing it wash up on my local beach.


They used to use this stuff at my old job. I’d volunteer to go and pack stuff just so I could play with it, it’s so cool!

Nope, and I imagine it’s pretty toxic too

Most polymer foam is very difficult and expensive to recycle. It’s the nature of the stuff itself. Either it chars, or vaporizes under heating, after its already set. Since the stuff doesn’t melt into a reusable form it becomes really hard to re-purpose.

Best use I’ve seen so far is to shred different foams into various particle sizes for use as loose-blown insulation.

I Agree. One of the few people I know who really really likes this film, is ME.

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