Videos from 60s television show "Gospel Singing Jubilee"


Still my favorite

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I think we’re having a problem with math here…

…and is that a young Mr. Bean?

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Ah, the sound of Terror on The Sunday Mornings of My Childhood.

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Came here to to say something similar.

When I was young my parents always had a radio on in the morning. Not exactly being rock-n-roll fans it was always country and western( what the difference? ).

So to this day I associate the sound of 60-70s C&W with the dread of soggy cereal and the ennui of yet another school day. Blah.

Not into gospel, I’m more of a champaign music type.

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My dad was a dedicated C&W fan of that era. At the time I just hated it. Now I find I love the stuff. George Jones, Roy Clark, Buck Owens, Marty Robbins, Hank Sr. (my uncle was his barber!), etc. There’s a lot of good storytelling and musicianship in there.

But The Gospel Singing Jubilee? You can keep that.

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