Videos of organs being harvested from living children are big on Facebook now

For what its worth, in the article they note that the purported video of organs being harvested from kids, is actually video of medics trying to treat a girl who was hit in an air strike in Syria.

  • Edit: just found this at the bottom:
    Update June 19th, 10:37AM ET: This article has been updated to reflect the fact that a video that purportedly depicted organ harvesting was determined to be false and misleading.

I have it on good authourity from a senior police officer in the UK that you are asked to do that job if they think you’ll fit. Volunteers are very heavily scrutinized for offering, put it that way.

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It’s a racist lie? On Facebook? Egad…


jesus fucking christ what a dark article and synopsis.

just, I can’t, NO.

This is too dark even for me to read. No, no, NO!


That might be as fucked up as the original premise. My god, if you are one of the medics in the video, can you be identified and have your reputation destroyed for what (maybe?) was somebody’s idea of a “joke?” WTF is wrong with people?!?!?! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


I was wondering about this, because I wasn’t buying that they were really “organ harvesting” videos - that doesn’t even make sense. Like all such inflammatory videos, it’s inevitably something else entirely, taken completely out of context, probably claimed to have taken place in some other countries, and likely used to demonize various out-groups. I’m reminded of the videos that went viral in India, supposedly showing child kidnappings and used as the justification for murdering a number of people; it turned out to be an out-of-context clip from a safety video done with actors…


Weird, because increasingly the UK police are relying on volunteers to deal with sex crimes and child abuse, and, in fact, they’re even upfront about it in recruiting ads. I recently saw an ad that amounted to outright asking for volunteers to watch child pornography. People were (rightly) getting quite upset about it.


Seriously. This has been bugging me for a long time now. Until BB removes that button, if not their actual FB account, all these exhortations to delete FB ring hollow. It’s making them money, and they need money – see also the BB store – I get it. It’s just hypocritical in my eyes.

That’s really good to hear.

I’m damned glad I’m not a FB moderator.


Thanks for the link. This makes so much more sense.


Seriously? Fuck me. Well, that’s what he said in our forensics lecture. This was about eight years ago now, so they probably are recruiting creepy uncle’s thru Facebook by now. Fuck’s sake.

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I’d also hazard a guess that the FBI has more internal structures to support the folks who do this job: fully-covered therapy, PTO, government healthcare, etc. More than 9 minute breaks, that’s for sure.


I am in support of a society in which the law is designed to overcome base instincts like revenge. That said, I’m not convinced it is to our mental well being in all cases.

I have always thought that if someone did something terrible to one of my loved ones and I had the opportunity, I would take justice into my own hands in a way I see fit. I know that is not the civilised way to think about it and it’s no way to run society at large but there you go.

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It’s… disturbing.


Fuck me. ­

Change the clickbait headline. If you go and read the Verge article, it is not a video of organs being harvested a child. See the other comments. The real story is equally gruesome (a child victim of a chemical weapon’s attack in Syria). There are, sadly, credible stories of organ harvesting in China. There are also fake stories about Planned Parenthood harvesting organs and tissue from newborns and fetuses. We need to separate out the fake stories from the gruesome real ones or no one is going to believe any or they are going to believe all (and some will act on the fake stories like the attack on the pizza parlor).


The thrust of the abstract has to do w/ the horror that content moderators undergo doing their routine jobs. They are generally subcontractors. Facebook contracts w/ them knowingly, and is well aware of what the work entails. Meanwhile, FB presumably profits from clicks on the material as it circulates around their bogus-ass PoS “platform”. At the same time FB’s bread and butter, advertisers, are, wittingly or otherwise, underwriting it all. Reflection on this post points out the sad falsity that FB and its advertisers, and really any “cyber investor” has: that real, honest money can be made off a medium that is, at it’s foundation, free and open, for all that that means.

Does that help?

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"Delete it.

Delete Facebook now."

We need a better solution.


Same. Hard to imagine why anyone involved with such a horrifying crime would want to document it for posterity, let alone share it online.


So, they are not paying enough? Would it be better if it was actual employees? I mean I don’t know that the long term prospects of facebook or free media on the whole are realy relevant to the actual thrust of the article. Yes facebook profits from the evil crap that gets posted but the issue here is the methods for trying to remove the offensive material, not that they are not even really trying to remove it. To be clear, yes they are a corrupt entity but I don’t see that this is particualarly their fault.

Some sort of sociological DDOS attack? cyberwarfare? I can’t believe some trolls doing it for the LOLZ would/could be so fucking persistent.