View-Master movie in the works

The new Netflix She-Ra is really great. I would definitely check out a new He-Man.


I actually want to see that documentary. For those who were too young, the Rubik’s Cube really was a phenomenon in the early 1980s. And even before Tetris, it was an example of something coming from a Communist country actually becoming popular in the West. It was such a big deal that the Hungarian pavilion at the 1982 World’s Fair in Knoxville, TN had a giant Rubik’s Cube to capitalize (in both senses) on its popularity.


“Why yes, I am the Vista-keeper. My name is Bob, though you could also call me by my title of Clippit.”

Yeah, I know those products didn’t all exist as actively developed/supported software at the same time, but it’s a joke.


I feel a bit of nostalgia for View-Master ‘cuz their plant was here in Beaverton. After they shut down, though, it was discovered that their industrial waste had been seeping into their on-site well water for years. They used their own well water for everything, including the employees’ drinking fountains. :frowning:


Now that movie I would watch.
Just put a Viewmaster in her hand.
By the way, we had an old VM around the house. Nobody ever used it as a family activity, it was strictly solo. Never saw any ghosts in it though.


ABD :wink:

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See? This could add to an interesting documentary. Ah well. “Live action” View-Master some-kind-of-damned-film, here we come.

I saw that documentary. I thought it was a pretty good film; I definitely liked the story of the puzzle and how the companies interacted. But I think that interviewing random people in the sports and music industries was completely useless; good thing that was only a small part of the film. Also, I think the holocaust-surviving story, albeit touching, was somewhat irrelevant to the subject matter.

The version shown on some TV stations was exactly 1h11m long. Had they added more emphasis on the technical aspects of the puzzle, new developments in speed cubes, modding, etc. It could have been over 2 hours long.

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The cool thing is that there are people who are scanning the old slides and preparing them for Google Cardboard. There’s an app called Stereogram for Android that plays them; it comes with a couple of hundred slides. :slight_smile:

(I got into taking 3D photos for Cardboard a while back. It’s fun, and a bit challenging to figure out what will make a good 3D photo. I used a Lytro Illum camera, which does let me get the “in focus all the way back” viewmaster look. :slight_smile: )

Tinsel Town is really scraping the bottom of the nostalgia barrel.

I predict a class action suit against the studio for repetitive strain injuries of the index finger.

I’d watch “Log: The Movie”. :grin:



The Mystery Date Game movie: Pixie girl must choose from the various bachelors when she opens a trans-dimensional door.

Spoiler: She falls in love with the schlub.

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