Tetris: The Movie




What? I think they might of missed April Fools Day by a few months.


The plot elements will just drop out of nowhere, sometimes resolving quite nicely, but more often just lying there. They continue to pile up until by the end of the film there’s no more room in the audience’s mind, and no more time, and the end credits roll. Only to clear the theater and start again from scratch for the next screening.


Already been done.


I’m holding out for the Pong movie.


Couldn’t be any worse than this


In this new universe, as you’ll soon find out, there’s much more to Tetris than simply clearing lines.

Well that sure makes me want to see it. There’s more than… some square blocks? Why, I am riveted.


I could swear that I saw a Tetris preview before a movie this summer. Perhaps it was just an odd dream.


Seriously, the game of chess has been available to be made into a movie for freakin’ ever, you’d think that would come out long before this one. Bill and Ted even showed us some new moves for twister, that could make an awesome movie!


Pong is already a movie as deep as The Matrix.


Already done:


Well, there’s already a chess novelization, but no one seems to be picking it up. That’s despite it being a sequel to a novel with that did pretty well on the big screen. I speak of course of “Through the Looking Glass.”


(Edited to change to) This is the only Tetris movie (really music video) we need:


Penny Arcade, natch.




I always tear up around 2:40


Shucks, all the amusing videos have been posted already. Well, there’s always

What’s this Mortal Kombat stage show? I’d heard of the TV series, but not that.


Twister has been adapted many times. Be wary of the Japanese version though.


Last night my son said (referring to his sister) “Little girls aren’t scary!” to which I replied “Unless they’re in Japanese horror movies” which earned me The Look from The Wife.


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