Tetris, the, er, movie


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We’re not giving feet to the geometric shapes…

Good, because that was already done in the Saturday morning cartoon.

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It honored the cliches well, but as an homage to Tetris it’s not a patch on the Complete History of the Soviet Union through Tetris

That video is (1) awful, and (2) apparently unrelated to the movie the story is about. Or if it is related, it’s been in development for six years, because the movie in the trailer is dated 8/20/08.

But really, what an awful video. There’s no need to inflict that much unnecessary flicker and camera vibration on anybody. Blair-Witch-style shakycam doesn’t faze me, but watching that made my head physically hurt.


So, it’s not going to be a bunch of blocks falling on Liam Neeson as he moves them into a line and destroys them with sheer bad-assery?


Foodfight! was apparently made for a very strange, very specific
audience of small children, branding super-freaks, furries, perverts,
and people who’ve always fantasized about fucking Mrs. Butterworth. (source)

I think they pegged the boing-boing readership pretty well.


Hollywood is indeed creatively bankrupt. Here’s one company that bought the rights to Checkers and are planning 3 movies:

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Coming in December 2015, PONG, the movie.


This movie sounds like it has the makings of a block buster.

(I'm so sorry.)</h6.

Minesweeper already has a trailer.


“We have a story behind ‘Tetris’ which makes it a much more imaginative thing.”

Ya think?

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