Village, painted Smurf-blue, votes to keep paint job permanently


It looks kind of terrible. But if they’re happy, good for them.

The 2011 film was not the “cinematic debut” of The Smurfs.

This is probably the best thing that has come out of the live action Smurfs movies.

Schtroumpfs sounds so much cooler. Schtroumpfs!

This would be awesome if it had been used as an actual movie set. But it’s just a publicity stunt? I’m amazed it worked. “Come see the village that is blue because Smurfs!” Or Schtroumpfs, whatever. Couldn’t they at least have a statue of Asterix?


Considering the state of the Spanish economy, they’d be crazy to do anything else. Do they walk around in Smurf suits, too?

BTW, the damn Smurfberry Crunch commercial is stuck in my head forever.

“Smurf-berry crunch is… FUN to eat!” That one?

I imagine residents and visitors will be experiencing a lot of orange-tinted afterimages.

It could be a distressing place for a color grading professional to live. They’d need to spend a lot of time in the Grey Room.

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