Smurfs 2 already paid for with product placement


I guess that town that got painted blue worked.

Haha what was crypto about it?

Smurfette really needs to be nicer. You can tell something’s wrong when she stops doing whatever Papa Smurf expects.

Setting aside the fact that any toy based franchise is basically one big end-to-end product placement (think Smurfs, transformers, GI Joe, He Man…basically all of the cartoons from my childhood).

Toy based franchise?
Sincerely, I´m old enough to remember the cartoons and the comics back in the 80´s and there was not much (close to none) smurf merchandising.

Actually there was a huge collection of plastic figures made from the 60s-80s. You can still find them here:

I am old enough to remember it in the 70s and had a ton of these

Not to mention my shirts, my lunch box, my bike license plate, pencil case, pencils, folder, etc

You remember the 80’s differently than I do.

Gotta admire those Smurfs. When giant Britney was dancing and singing above them, wearing that short skirt, and only one of them sneaked a look.

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