Vintage ads for prescription drugs

My mom is sorta the same with opiates, she described it as feeling like floating above the bed but the knee still hurts like hell.
For me it sure made the kidney stone pain go poof as well as hey I feel very relaxed now. The vicodin made me kinda not care I was hurting but it still hurt. It let me sleep so that counts for something.
That said opiates are very addictive and dangerous so over the counter availability is a bad thing.

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Don’t know, but the embossed bottle (still from the handblown into a mold days) says “Dr. McMunn’s”.

Probably the only drug I’ve taken that’s gotten close to what’s typically portrayed as the effects of strong opiates was a Valium preflight I had before getting my wisdom teeth taken out.

I took it on the way to the clinic and by the time I met the anesthesiologist, I hadn’t noticed that they’d already put in the mainline. He asked if I could count down from 10 to 0, and I honestly answered “probably not”.

Next thing I know I’m at home being fed yogurt by my brother who’s laughing his ass off because it keeps dribbling out of my mouth into my lap.


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