Viral road-rage video sparks mob violence in Beijing, revealing deep regional rifts

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I wish people would take a moment to use some basic logic. Outsiders are usually more successful than locals. But it’s a type of observation bias. Outsiders that aren’t successful wouldn’t be able to come to a new city, or at least wouldn’t stick around very long. Locals are a more average representation and you’ll see less selection in their population. And locals often have incentives to stay that is not purely monetary, such as family and community ties.

The Communist Party of China (CPC) tries to centrally orchestrate a harmonious society. As if peace and harmony is something human beings can be ordered to adopt.

Empathy is the only thing that can bring about harmony, and that avenue of human experience is completely alien to the CPC. Theirs a system doomed to fail. Let’s hope it goes out slowly rather than with a loud bang.


Hatred and bias is everywhere. If it isn’t racism or sexism or politics or religion, people will still find something to hate about each other. Good luck with that, China.


The fact that asshole behavior is a universal human condition does little to give me comfort. As we have risen to battle other human plagues it would seem noble to address this one too.


What a Jack-Ass. He drove down the bike lane and had the gall to berate the bikers. This is not a Free Speech/Censorship, Local/Immigrant, or China/US issue. It’s clearly a Driver/Cyclist thing, to which I say

Down with the Autotariat! Long-live the Cyclist!


Considering the state of US democracy at the moment, do you think this level of portent is advisable? All systems are doomed to fail. The question is how long they can be maintained before they fail.


Never start a land war in Asia.


But as China seeks to maintain its historic growth, grapple with the demographic crisis of an aging workforce with not enough workers coming of age (a legacy of the “one child” policy), and clamp down on ethnic minorities and dissidents, the system has become more chaotic.

You forgot to mention the publicly open crackdown on LGBT folks


Asked and answered, I’d say.


You don’t even need a translation to know what the guy is saying.

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You know, if this video is inciting mob violence, I suddenly have a good feeling about censorship.

Both could fail. Either US democracy or Chinese communism failing could be destabilizing to the world.

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Halp, I can’t decide against whom to direct my misanthropic witticisms!

Just shoot them off at everybody.

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