Virgin Mary statue crying magical tears in Mexico (video)

Originally published at: Virgin Mary statue appears to cry real tears

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LOLing over the woman on camera trying to figure out the secret to the magic trick. :laughing:

Also, obligs…

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Because 1) this couldn’t be faked, and 2) there couldn’t be any non-supernatural explanation.

Also, why is a Middle-Eastern woman so white?

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Why should the statue cry? It’s got a charmed life, it doesn’t have any problems. Maybe these entitled magical statues should try contributing some help to those in need instead of just blubbering all the time.


It’s a feckin’ miracle, but where’s the wee doggie gotten to?


Jinx, @gracchus!

The holy smirk, thanks be to god!!!

Oh Orla!!!


I would kill to see them revisited as adults.

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We had a bunch of miraculous moving statues here in Ireland one summer. I recall getting a bus through Dublin airport at the time where there was a statue of The BVM*. Some wag had hung a handwritten sign around it’s neck printed with the words - “Out of Order”.

*The Blessed Virgin Mary

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