Visit the imaginary nightclub where movie characters mingle


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Fucking Hilarious!


Not just a brilliant edit - the sound design, the effects, the perfect modulation of the background music … that is like A+ production work.


Definitely A+.
Love the addition of pinhead :wink:


That really was masterful.

That might be the best mashup I’ve ever seen.


They left out the club downstairs you don’t talk about.

Umpteenthed. Really well done.


So finally we see the pivotal moment which taught young Tony Manero that fictional characters are mainly violent scum that must be brought to justice, leading him to enter the Academy of Law of MegaCity One and emerge some years later as the Judge they only know as Dredd.


I want more scenes from this universe!!


All that work, and they screw up the opening title sequence with a typo? Seriously?


Ahhhh. Al Pacino. Attica… Attica… Attica…


Final credits have some typos too (I hope you watched all the way through) but looking at his youtube page it is clear english is not his first language.

His film making skills are more than adequate for that to get a pass from me.


Top-notch editing of sound and all the different sources to create a smooth flowing and entertaining mash-up.


I know!




There’s a way to consider that not wrong.

“There’s a place” comma “or fictional characters meet.” : )


So it’s either a typo, or gibberish.


Or both : )


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