Visitors to Britain's highest pub were trapped inside with Oasis tribute band for 3 days

Originally published at: Visitors to Britain's highest pub were trapped inside with Oasis tribute band for 3 days | Boing Boing

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Hey it can be worse. My cousin used to be married to a drummer in a Nickelback tribute band in the 00’s.


It’s funny because that’s one of their lyrics.

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I knew from that Hugh Grant movie that Wales isn’t exactly known for having towering mountains, but dang, I thought that somewhere in Scotland or thereabouts would have towns at higher elevations than that. They’re called “the Highlands” after all. California alone has around 250 cities that are located at an elevation above 1732 feet, and that doesn’t count all the lodges that serve beer at ski resorts or National Parks.


This might be the most perfectly English horror movie setup imaginable.

Horror movie or concept album?

The pub owners name is even Townsend. Quiescence? I think not!

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Ah, memories. As if it were only yesterday. :wink:

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There are plenty of places with higher elevations. But there aren’t pubs on those spots.

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What you don’t seem to realise is that, while those hills and mountains aren’t as high as, say, the Rockies around Denver, they do pretty much start from sea-level, not from a flat plateau that’s already a mile above sea-level.and because of their position, the weather can literally turn from warm and balmy to viciously cold and wet in minutes.
People who go walking in and on them, without taking appropriate precautions, even in summer, can and do suffer the consequences; vision being reduced from miles to mere feet within minutes mean people end up falling from cliffs several hundred feet high.
Most of those areas have volunteer mountain rescue teams, who get called out pretty regularly, and some of those they end up searching for are experienced hill walkers and mountain climbers themselves, which shows just how dangerous they can be.
Some of the worlds greatest climbers learned their craft from climbing those mountains.

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It’s hard to think of a worse hell that being trapped with Oasis (or an Oasis tribute band) for any length of time.

After 3 days, I would be more than happy to excuse a little selective cannibalism on the part of the pub-goers.

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We have a hard enough time convincing the locals of how dangerous the fells can be. The winds in Carlisle can feel icy cold when it is well above 0°C and that is a city, not up a hill or mountain.

Some of them lived there.

I think Chris still lives in Caldbeck in Cumbria.

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