Vivarium is a horror movie that features suburbia as the monster

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This is the first movie i ever rated on rotten tomatoes and now I made a account to comment here after like 15 years of reading this website!

I saw vivarium like a month ago and needed to try everything I could to keep people from watching this garbage.

Ugh what a terrible movie that was. The whole ‘going inside the house/alternate house’ scene…Good lord i don’t want to spoil it but WOW was it shit.


Yes, it was disturbing, and you should only watch it if you have nothing to do, even if your sock draw needs attention, go do the sock drawer, you’ll thank me someday.


subtle sci-fi horror cloaked in a Twilight Zone veneer, sprinkled with shades of David Lynch

Haha, what? This movie is none of those things. The author has clearly never seen the Twilight Zone, nor anything from David Lynch.


I need to comment only because I also had a strong reaction to this movie. Mild-spoiler: As a childfree woman by choice, this was the scariest, horror movie I’ve ever seen. By the end of the film I was nauseated and angry, but I don’t regret watching it, because it will stay with me forever as a weird, disturbing experience.

After I watched it I suggested it to my close friend. I felt compelled to pass on the experience, kind of the The Ring. She called me afterward to tell me she wouldn’t take my movie recommendations anymore. Again no regrets.


Suburbia was my interpretation of the monster as well but I looked it up and apparently the footage of the birds in the beginning–we’re watching a version of that, for humans. These beings force human couples to care for their young, until they die, like the cuckoo.


they try to drive out of the master-planned community, they get lost in a maze of cookie-cutter houses and keep ending up back at house #9.

That sounds original, never seen that critique of suburbia before…



on prime, low risk

Luckily, this trailer gave away pretty much the whole movie anyway.

I liked the start of the movie, but it didn’t seem to have anywhere to go after about the first half.

You go and fight the good fight! Glad to see you’ve found true purpose.

I liked the movie quite a bit, and I now feel compelled to watch it again.


Being trapped in the exurbs and forced to have kids is a horror I’ve already avoided. The mixed reviews and reactions to the movie have me on the fence about seeing it, but since it sounds challenging I’ll give it a shot at some point.


That does look fun. But I reserve the right to giggle when I hear Poots


Just watched it. It’s like a Harlan Ellison short story. Very new wave SF slash horror.

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one of my all-time favourits of british SF-cinema…has this (BBC) quatermass-feeling I treasure so much.

And how about that snazzy Overlook Hotel carpet pattern, eh? (1:01)

Where can I watch it online? Netflix/HBO/Prime etc…

Just watched it. That was kind of unpleasant but interesting. Not the ending I was hoping for, though it makes sense in the context of the story. I prefer creepy-horror to scary-horror by a lot, so I don’t really regret watching it beyond the vague feeling I could have used the time for something better.

Have to say, though, I immediately thought of SCP and The Magnus Archives when I saw the houses. Those are better than this movie.


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