Vlad and Putin's Gang, in "The Power of Imagination!"

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Tom the Dancing Bug, IN WHICH Putin’s Gang gets in big trouble, but Vlad shows them the power of IMAGINATION solves all problems!





Good god, man! Lay off the nightmare fuel!


I feel like, at this point, the pee tape could come out and everyone would just shrug. “Don’t kinkshame” or somesuch reversal. Since the dossier came forward, shit-gibbon-in-chief has been involved in far more serious, awful activity in broad daylight. Almost makes one nostalgic for the “good ol’ days” of 2015. Almost.


There’s been a well produced fake dangling out there for a long time.

And Russia has used (badly) faked videos of this sort to muddy up things and embarrass politicians before. So basically I think any pee tape coming out would just engender a big ole circle jerk over whether its real, and that’s probably the point.


Problem is other than Putin, none of those mthr’fkrs has any imagination at all.


If you want to view paradox,
simply look around and view it,
anything you want to do, do it,
want to screw the world?
There’s nothing to it.


Your request has been denied, thank you.


Putin is actually much shorter. That’s probably one of the reasons why he is, you know, like he is.


The pee tape is/might be a red herring. Even if it exists, Trump will just deny it and his enablers will amplify that into a left wing conspiracy.

What is much more certain is that at some point Putin showed Trump a comprehensive, detailed and wholly true dossier on every single shady money laundering deal T has done, and discussed making it available to the public as one of his options moving forward.

Likely he has been involved in enough to lose whatever fortune he has and spend the rest of his life in prison, maybe his family as well. I honestly believe Trump would burn the world before allowing that to happen.


I don’t know… they seem to be quite creative when finding new ways to steal money and fuck people over.


There’s a lot of truth to this comic. But the real problem is this: Trump’s voter base and the mythical, magical American Swing Voter™ will accept any kind of imaginary bullshit he feeds them.

They clearly and obstinately embrace any kind of nonsensical narrative so long as they receive the emotional rush of “sticking it to the libs”.

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The rainbows were a nice touch.

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On the other hand if it was a choice between him going to prison verses his family getting locked up and him staying free, you know that his kids would be behind bars in a heartbeat.
When someone doesn’t even seem to have any empathy for their own children you should definitely start to worry.


Well of course – everybody knows “real” politicians are so boring, with their stupid damn competence and (sometimes) ethics and boring morality. Trump is much more interesting – not only could he shoot somebody dead on Times Square and not lose any votes, he could set up an altar to Baal on Times Square and perform human sacrifices there and even the Fundies would all still vote for him. Because lying, cheating, swindling, screwing porn babes, stealing public money, and all the rest are fantastically cool. America betrays its allies? Yeah, baby, ‘cause America is baaaad! America steals from the poor and gives to the rich? That’s so edgy, man!
I tells ya, the Dems will have a real tough job matching this short fast ride to the bottom of the cliff.

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