The Trumps: Donald is called in to see the boss. D'Oh!

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Tom the Dancing Bug, IN WHICH Donald is called in to see his boss, in another episode of the Trumps. D’Oh!


Tom never fails!



A triumph! The gritty, depressing realism of the opening panels marries with the sweet optimism of the ending to create a confection of surpassing savor.

If someone would please just give him the tea… it would be the perfect unicorn chaser for everything that’s happened in the last 18 months.


Does ANYONE doubt herr Drumpf is Putin’s puppet? Let Russia back in the G8? Give away South Korea to NK aggression, meet with despots for an all blather ‘summit’?

pp tape is real, da, comrade


Two minor points, though:
(1) Putin hasn’t that much hair.
(2) Something tellls me there still are a couple of boxes unticked on that checklist.



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Who else read that comic in the Simpin voices and and not in the voices of Putin and OB?


Having Putin give Trump the polonium treatment is probably the only way we’ll ever be rid of him. <:(

Lovely thought, but honestly I want to seem him go down in flames for everything he pulled, including forfeiture of all of his and his families’ and his collaborators’ assets.


I’d be surprised if he knew that he was Putin’s puppet. He probably thinks he got away with some amazing deal, (because trump always thinks he’s the smartest guy in the room). He’s just so staggeringly easy to manipulate that it looks from the outside like he’s actively colluding.


I’m with you on this; I’d rather see him lose everything and finish out his days on a heating grate, but I won’t turn my nose up at his annihilation if that’s the rough justice the universe metes out.


TBH, I think it’s much more important that he and his family live their lives out as a warning to the next rich moron that might try this. I don’t want the fat slob to somehow become a martyr for the red state retards; I want him as a long-term embarrassment and source of party shame like Nixon.


The idea that the talks are going to be bad for South Korea is one that’s now being promoted by liberal hawks, but see this article on the folly of hawkish Democrats’ attempts to undermine the negotiations, which points out that the Trump/Kim talks were overwhelmingly supported by South Koreans themselves. And this article also talks about how South Korean President Moon was the driving force behind getting these talks to happen:

Moon was elected last year more in spite of than because of his commitment to reconciliation with the North, and he tempered his policy in response to a skeptical public and a hostile Trump. Nevertheless, Moon — who cut his teeth in high-level politics as one of the architects of the old Sunshine Policy — made outreach to North Korea a priority after his inauguration last May. Most important, he ran through the opening made by Kim. The Olympics cooperation led to the inter-Korean summit, with the official slogan “Peace, a new start,” and plans for the Kim-Trump meeting.

If Kim and Trump reach a real agreement, they will owe their success to Moon’s persistence.

The weird thing is the more Trump’s antics piss people off, the more his base loves him for it. Because pissing off libruls is the main game.


So much this, but I’m terribly afraid it won’t happen.

In a sane world, Donald Trump would have become a long term embarrassment to the GOP the minute he heaved his protoplasmic bulk off the escalator at Trump Tower. Every single day that his candidacy endured should have intensified the shame; he should have been ridiculed, repudiated, and retired long before the election. But the GOP stood by, and now Trump owns them. I am not a fan of Mark Sanford, but his primary loss was a litmus test on Trumpism, which is sadly alive and thriving. Since taking office, Trump has gone out of his way to show that he is vulgar, ignorant, corrupt, impulsive, and naive; his only depth is in how profoundly unsuited he is to the office he holds. If none of that has shaken sense into the GOP, or doubt into the minds of the racist-red-meat-respect-my-rights values voters that put him in office, then nothing will.


So in conclusion, we´re not getting rid of him, right?

yeah, that’s the tl;dr version.

In a sane world, Trump wouldn’t be Trump.


Nothing will. That’s why it’s important, not to change the minds of the Trumpers, but to first oppose him with a Dem Congress, and then vote him out of office in 2020. That’s the remedy. And if he gets hit with some lawsuits and indictments along the way, so much the better. Today’s suit by the State of NY is promising. Why don’t I see a thread about it on Boing Boing?

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