Vladimir Putin bans gender changes in Russia

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So, intersex mutilation at birth? Got it.


Authoritarians always need to create villains. If nothing more than to create a distraction from their own corruption and ineptitude.

It’s no longer acceptable in most of the world to use racial and religious minorities for your villains. It’s a shame that it’s fallen in the trans community in much of the western world.


And his apologists at home and abroad (including far too many American right-wingers) continue to insist he sent troops to Ukraine to fight “fascists.”


Here in the States, we vilify Brown folks and Jewish/Middle-Eastern folks to keep our time-honored traditions of bigotry and racism alive and well.

And the GQP pushes those traditions hard to hide in the fact they have no actual policy except mo power for themselves & mo money for their wealthy donors


Trans people are also being targeted right now.


That has been the sickening thing all along. If you want to reject your assigned gender, you aren’t allowed, but if you are intersex then “treatment” is forced on you before you can say no.

I saw some online TERs denying that intersex existed a few years ago and it is scary how fast they all agreed that involuntary treatment is OK while voluntary treatment is bad, and how parents of trans children are accused of what the TERs are trying to push into law.

Projection doesn’t seem to cover this anymore.


TERs prefer to say “disorders of sexual development”, which doesn’t have the implications of “intersex”.


Forgive my ignorance, but is TER a shortening of TERF? Like, is it a reclamation of the term “feminist” or something else entirely? Tried googling, but it’s a pretty common acronym for other things.


Well before I was informed enough to understand the nuances of how laws and medicine impact the LGBTQ community, I found this utterly appalling. Like, I can’t imagine being a parent and being forced to make that decision. My instinct is “go fuck your self”, but I know a lot of people were simply misled or outright lied to. It just seems so counter-instinctual.


Either Transgender-Excluding Reactionary or (more recently) Transgender-Eliminationist Reactionary. It’s a less of a shortening and more a recognition that these transphobes are not feminist or radical in any meaningful way

Radical in particular had a history of progressive politics (Anti slavery, pro universal suffrage, pro civil rights) until a few decades ago, when people started talking about radical theocracy and radical conservatism, which believe in none of those things. Both are more accurately described as Reactionary, desiring a return to a previous state of politics. As for feminism, I have never seen any feminists so intent on attaching themselves to anti-woman politics as the TERs have been.

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Thanks. That’s what I was guessing.

Quite. For similar reasons be been trying to purge the word conservative from my language in favor of regressive. I’ve never been comfortable being labeled liberal or leftist, mainly because of all the lies and baggage that’s been laid on those titles, but also because it doesn’t really capture what I believe. My position isn’t made in contrast to another point of view, but merely focused on human, rights-centered progress of the human race and the whole of our planet. Progressive captures that neatly without forming a counterpoint or validating the opposite stance. Those who disagree aren’t “conserving” anything, they are trying to regress to a time when their hegemony was more powerful. I’m happy to see how effectively language is being used to push back against devolution and am grateful for the lesson. :heart:

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Beth Behrs Shut Up GIF by CBS


See - you can be just like Putin. Trans people are jokes & being one of us is an insult.

Nice job!


I shudder to think about what DeSantis is going to do to show voters that he’s tougher on marginalized groups than Putin…


There is a reason why trans people have been pointing people towards the Ten Stages of Genocide for the last few years.

Two reminders:

  1. The ten stages are when the genocidal actions are underway, not when they are complete.
  2. Genocide does not refer to genetics but genus, defined as a class, group, or kind with common attributes.

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