Vodafone and Nokia building 4G network for the moon


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Well okay… guess it will be good to call home and update facebook when we get there.
Or more importantly get our BBS fix.


Gosh, the Moon will never be the same.


I guess when we fake this moon landing, it would be a giveaway if the cell phones work. Wasn’t an issue in the 70s.


That’s like my motto for almost everything nowadays.


You can use your Light Phone on the Dark Side of the Moon!


Great! Millennials will get to the Moon’s surface and having never looked up once from their smart phone will exclaim that the Moon is last year’s gray and very boring.


So in the near future, there will be rovers on the moon, surfing the internet, and when it goes down for a bit it will scoff and say, “Pfft - this is bullshit.”


Will GPS work?


Also, if they do end up doing this, there will be two of these things down there in the cold, drinking vodka and smoking unfiltered cigarettes, whispering: “Amateurs.”


“Can you hear me now?”

In space, no one can hear you scream when you have no bars.



In the past, we had to worry about lunar science data being lost if the astronauts died out there.

In the future, we wil have to worry about lunar science data not getting home if the mission exceeds its data cap.

Also, I guess ths will solve the problem of what to do with all the millions of dollars we will save on space exploration by using reusable rockets: it should just barely cover the roaming charges.




That made me laugh. Thanks.


Huh. Well, since Dog already got Mars connected, I suppose they’ll have to take the moon as the consolation prize.


No roaming charges in the EU, so maybe Vodafone Germany will waive them for this trip as well?


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