The Moon is a harsh wi-fi hot spot


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The latency, however, would be a bitch.


I have actually used the Moon as a passive reflector to transmit a VHF signal from Saskatchewan, Canada and communicated with people all over the place… from European Russia to Japan. The speed is a bit slower, though, at 21.52 baud (using JT65B).

Also, as someone who has had to work with Long Fat Networks (high-bandwith, high-latency networks, known in the business as LFNs and pronounced elephants), I can imagine that you would not want to use TCP for anything even remotely to do with that connection. Your window would be full constantly, and throughput would be horrifically low.


Scientists managed to send data from Earth to the moon at a rate of 19.44 megabits per second — on par with slower broadband speeds

Not where I live. Especially not for upload speeds.


Great! Now everybody is going to want to move there just for the WiFi!

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I definitely welcome it. You wouldn’t believe the roaming charges they’ve got me paying.


Seriously - this makes AT&T U-Verse (at least in our neighborhood, which is apparently a long way away from the closest fiber cabinet) look pathetic.

It may be true that you can’t get a suntan on the Moon - but you CAN get better broadband than in LA.

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Some enterprising type should put up a kickstarter to put a solar powered wifi hotspot on the moon…

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