Voice of Postman Pat, charming British claymation series, dies at 83

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Postman Pat was one of the few television programmes set in Cumbria (in what used to be Westmorland). There was a real life post office in Kendal that was used as the inspiration for the one in the show, but it closed in 2003.

I wonder what Postman Pat would have been like if Ken Barrie had used local dialects?


Postman pat goes sledging has to be peak pat. Or postman pat’s snowy day as i used to call it.


Heavily subtitled, probably. But all kinds of awesome. There’s just not enough regional accents and dialect on TV.


Why would this need some hell demon?
Why can’t he just clear sheep from the road with his cat?
Why can’t we be happy with that?


Today in the news I didn’t share with my children. :disappointed:

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Postman Pat goes to Shap.

Greendale was based on a lot of Cumbrian villages and towns, and I find it hard to believe that episode wasn’t based on an experience of a Shap winter.

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I vaguely remember the winters we used to have even though i’m not from that part of the country: familiar landscape. Postman pat goes sledging is seriously meditative; watching him and ted’s silent sisyphean task delivering supplies. Bye, pat. :cry:

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