Voicefake: Biggie raps I Am The Very Model Of A Modern Major-General

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Ur link is broke, didn’t include the “h” htts

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The fake is well done for what it is. A rapper like Biggie would have better timing and would improv lyrics but what they were able to do emulating his voice is pretty cool.


Im impressed, that really sounded like him rapping for fun in his living room, albiet yeah, without the same gravitas, ad libbing, and timing, but yes, same person reading the words, even with a little bit of flow, but not skillful flow.

At the same time I’m horrified because if it’s this good already well I’m certain that people could be faked saying anything possibly in a normal way at this point and soon we won’t be able to even tell what reality is anymore unless we are there.


I think I’ve said it before, but deepfaking James Earl Jones even this closely could give us Darth Vader forever.


I mean they’ve already been using fake Darth Vader voice actors successfully for quite something for shows and games.


I think you’ve only considered the downsides of this.

The upside: NEW ELVIS

More seriously, I think music is about to get seriously weird. Forget the legality of big companies doing this via licensing, look at what mashup artists are already doing from their bedrooms. Imagine:

Frank Sinatra sings Nirvana
10x new cover albums of Jazz Classics from Amy Winehouse
Biggie and Tupac sing the “A Whole New World” duet from Aladdin

You get the idea.


I have some extremely strange taste in music, hell, I once paid to listen to a guy turn a cup of ramen noodles and broken light bulbs into music.

But I have to say new Elvis is not something I want to hear. Ever.

Frank Sinatra singing Nirvana sounds horrific

I hated Amy Winehouse’s voice, and I don’t want to hear Biggie or Tupac from past the grave violate everything they stood for.

The only one I could think of I would actually like would be hearing more from Chris Cornell, my absolute favorite singer, but it would just be betrayal since he’s not the one putting the soul behind the voice.

Lemmy (really tied with Chris) singing a new version of “Killed By Death” from beyond the grave as an AI tribute might be fun, but in general, I’m sick of fake everything. Especially after the last 4 years.

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I didn’t say it would be good, just weird.

The record industry will probably flirt with it and get some modest novelty album level sales, but it will not be a major thing.

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Just wait until Holo Tupac releases his 5 millionth “new” album…


Back when there were a few weird duet pairings where artists from different genres would sing each others’ biggest hits, I had a pairing I always wanted to hear: AC/DC and the Three Tenors.

I want to hear Santa Lucia sung by Brian Johnson. I want to hear Pavarotti singing Big Balls and Highway to Hell.


Impressive, but I’m heartened that humans still do it better.

(And this is maybe Randy’s very best one?)


Yeah, I get the voice sounds amazingly similar, but Biggie was all about timing, complex rhyme schemes, and flow. This track was essentially audio sandpaper for my nerves, in the way it diverges from that =/ .


Totally true, but they’re never quite right, IMO. For a full on feature film you gotta have J.E.J. (Or a deepfake of him at least!)

Would you settle for one of the Sinatra’s hit songwriters doing Nirvana?

Here’s the crooner/big-band version of “Smells Like Teen Spirit”:


Soooo… Enterprise computer voice in our GPS soon??

I had to go look up that copypasta. Available on a tshirt!

Makes me think of Sid Vicious doing “My Way”

Oh man, I haven’t thought about Amy Winehouse in years. She was a flash in the pan, just brilliant there for a second. And to think, she’s coming up on nine years sober.

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