Vomit on the red carpet at the Emmy Awards


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“Dammit, Sean, you were supposed to stay hidden until the big reveal. Look what you made Alec Baldwin do.”


Is it really vomit though? Then again, i really don’t care.


Man, do I hate Ramirez’s cartoons. I hate them so much that I enjoy looking at them, just to get pissed off.


That is some of the most glamorous vomit in the world!


The most fabulous vomit of the Emmys for sure


I mean how could you possibly think that? /s


Vomit on the red carpet at the Emmy Awards

The entire event was worthy of a larger one than that.


I saw Vomit on the Red Carpet when they opened for Panic! at the Disco on their 2015 US tour.


Spicer was on display there, so I’d say that’s vomit.


I had no idea Steve Bannon was in attendance



Well, I guess it’s marginally better than blood on the dancefloor.


Clearly protein shakes don’t mix well with nerves. Or booze.


He’s basically a parody of a political cartoonist, like that “Kelly” from the Onion who draws a weeping Statue of Liberty every single week.



Death is always in the shadows at Hollywood events.


That would make me Panic! At the Disco.


They could clean it up with a good Arcade Fire



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