Nancy Grace's worst moments


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Nancy Grace may well be the slimiest person on TV. Given the ambient level of TV slime, that’s no mean feat.



She’s got scary Theresa May eyes.


Maybe, but the 24/7 new cycle personalities are the worst of the worst already. A sweeping generalization, but it’s certainly earned - I mean Corey Lewandowski is the most recent poor choice to bring in cash over anything else.

Most social interactions that enrage me would be solved if 24/7 news channels were banned.


I solve it by socializing with people who don’t watch 24/7 yellow journalism.

All hail the all-mighty advertising buck! /s


The Daily Beast calls out chronic bullshitter whilst simultaneously perpetuating the REPEATEDLY debunked “War of the Worlds panic” myth.

Boingboing breathlessly quotes them in context.

Look, I know that this misinformation is nothing compared to what Grace did, but the irony is kinda inescapable.


You sound … angry about this.


Her worst moments? Any time sounds emanate from her face.


But “panic” sells news so much better than “kerfluffle”.

Edit: Also, of the many cultural myths that are incessantly perpetuated i think this one falls into the “trivial and harmless” category.

Or are you one of the folks who was duped back then and you’re still bitter and embarrassed?


Will we still be able to reach her at 877-626-2901?

Nancy Grace's TV show popularized a modern media trend: inane rage built on bullshit that's too satisfying to fact-check.
Modern media trend? I think that Donald Trump just found his running mate.


That Giant Meteor is looking better all the time.

From Public Policy Polling, June 2016.


Disappointed, even.


Too soon!


I remember looking at ratings charts recently which reflected that ~1% of Americans actually watch cable news channels. I can’t stop thinking about that.


She also has the remarkable ability to dance faster than her dress.


Think of it as a parable.


Nancy Grace? She’s nothing but a bad parody of Shelby Cross!


She’s exactly the sort of person who would feature in an episode of Columbo because she threatened the wrong person, or she herself bumped someone off. Patrick Magoohan in one of his appearances as conveniently different villains was on last Saturday and he moidered Blanche from the Golden Girls for this exact reason, and Shatner was on another one a little later as a media pitbull who seemed to behave in a similar manner to her.