WATCH: 2 Chainz schools Nancy Grace about weed prohibition


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Seems to me the easiest/obvious counter point would’ve been the caffeine one but add in tobacco and alcohol. Would Nancy want kids to be encouraged to imbibe any of those? Plus, why would a conservative like her want more regulation (and, hence, more government) instead of less?

Utter garbage. So glad I don’t have TV to not support “content” providers like Fox, CNN, etc.


Agreed, videos of children smoking pot is the ultimate in free market principles.


Until this pearl clutcher comes out in favor of alcohol prohibition, her argument for cannabis prohibition is bunk.


This man’s arguments are completely invalid; he’s clearly only wearing one chain.


It is hard to see but there is a second chain. Look closely to the left edge of his sweater.


I’m also glad I don’t have or watch a TV. It is so profoundly depressing to see ignorance and superstition spread and multiplied. Arguing with someone like NG would be like arguing with a phonograph playing a broken record.


I couldn’t go through the whole thing. I can’t stand this woman talking – not because I don’t agree with her, but because, damn, she talks like a drunk trying to find the words. Is she really on TV?


Every time I see something about Nancy Grace, I’m reminded of Poe’s Law.


Is there a video of negligent parents letting their kid wave a handgun around? Maybe Nancy would support banning guns.


I never had the misfortune of watching more than a couple of seconds of Nancy Grace before. Wow. This woman is a stupid as a rock. Is this what passes for journalism now? is this what passes for how to conduct an interview?

No wonder this country is fucked.


How do we know he isn’t hiding even more chains under that sweater? Clearly a less reliable source of information on weed than the screechy plastic replicant lady.


Well, as long as the number of chains he is wearing are divisible by 2 I think he may be safe. If he has an odd number, well then his credibility goes right out the door.


The sad part is she’s not stupid as a rock. She was a Special Prosecutor in Atlanta (with questionable ethics). She is being intentionally obtuse for the benefit of her viewers, who are stupid as a rock.


Never has a better description of Nancy Grace been typed. Well done.


Having never seen Nancy Grace before, I’m wondering whether subtle disgust is her natural baseline expression, or does she just have it in for this interviewee? I’m thinking probably the former as there were a few contempt sneers thrown in as well …

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Until this evening I had never seen this wretch. jmr32 reveals that she is educated and alleges that she is intelligent…educated perhaps but intelligent? My god what a worthless pile of flesh. Sign her up as an instantly available donor of organs,. at least let someone benefit from her existence. What a tragic excuse for a primate! She is ugly from the marrow out, a soul contaminated by some combination of hate, ignorance and narcissism.

I don’t like her very much.


Personally, I believe that all drugs (including alcohol, it is a drug too) should be legal to avoid the creation of “mafias” like what MS13 or the like is; hundreds of organizations across Central and South America that popped up like a thousand headed hydra after we killed Escobar.

You can’t beat drugs with force. Using force has only made the situation much worse over the years.

If you want to take a drug that kills you, so be it. Just don’t harm anyone else in the process.

Obviously, drugs are a constant in our society since time for civilization has been, and always will be.

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I am extraordinarily impressed with 2 Chains for maintaining his cool and replying thoughtfully while this incredibly unpleasant woman is screeching bullshit at him.


I can’t believe I managed to watch that whole video. It is painful to listen to her.

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