WATCH: 2 Chainz schools Nancy Grace about weed prohibition

If anything it helped him, considering he was in a one sided conversation.


Probably, if you can get your hands on that security tape from Walmart in Idaho…

But 2 Chains was calm and collected. I feel he could have said more, clearly, that supplying minors with illegal mind altering drugs (alcohol included of course) is not the norm, even for the “criminal” marijuana users.

She has no capacity to do correlative judgement of drug use (again, including alcohol) and just has something out for marijuana to the point that she will not even educate herself.

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As long as alcohol is legal and socially accepted the weasels simply don’t have any valid point. Plus cannabis is a medicine.

One does not even have to breathe smoke any more!

Dont want people getting intoxicated? Lets start with alcohol.
Think of the children? Lets start with alcohol.
People driving under the influence? Lets start with alcohol.
Considering the social costs? Lets start with alcohol.
Its a public health risk?** Lets start with alcohol.

I will smoke a bowl for the Boingers tonite.


** as if jail were a healthy alternative.


Thanks, but smoke one for 2 Chainz, please. I bet he really needed to take the edge off that nine minutes of stupid and shrill.


This woman’s voice is a bizarre hybrid of nails on a chalkboard and styrofoam rubbing on styrofoam.


Why ask a question when you’re just going to talk over the answer.

That was not really a question.

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Marvelous - great name for this robo-news person. Imagine having to sit thru an hour of this!

She is a horror show. She came to fame when one of those white girls went missing and from the few times I’ve seen her, I gather is big on extending the terror of more white girls going missing.

One of the more well known cases she was involved in was the Natalee Holloway case. For months and months she would do shows on her. I catch an interview with Natalee Holloway’s mom. Since I grew up in the area and knew kids who went to that high school, I recognized the particular brand of delusion that is a Mountain Brook mother who believes her 18 year old that she sent to Aruba for an unchaperoned senior trip is a virgin who never once touched drugs or drink. Yep, knew those heads straight up their asses moms very well. Let’s give them air time and watch them beat their chests over the unfairness of it all. This is her audience, moms who think their kids are unspoiled sweetness and outside their doors lurks all kinds of bad people waiting to harm them.


Coincidentally, we watched Gone Girl last night. Whoever wrote that really didn’t like her.


How was the movie? I was only vaguely familiar with it (down side of not having cable is that I never see any movie trailers except at movies). IMDBed it - looks promising.

I liked it. Reminiscent of some of Fincher’s early films (and some other stuff, but it’s not a film you can talk too much about without spoilers, really).

Rosamund Pike was excellent - and there’s her Oscar nomination this morning…


Oh cool. Thanks. I’m going to see when it’s playing locally.

Thanks for the correction, Brains. I updated the post!


That doesn’t narrow down the list of possibles by much, now does it?


This woman is an idiot!
It should be obvious that we don’t want to be governed based upon what the most irresponsible members of our society might do with anything. Some mothers have been known to drown their children. Should we make water illegal?

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Because that’s how to impress your white lady viewers, by standing up to the Scary Black Man.

I read that it’s deeply woman-hating. Still wondering if I should see it; does that sound like a fair assessment, deeply woman-hating?

Only someone with an ideological axe to grind could possibly think Gone Girl was woman-hating, I can’t really explain why without massive spoilers though.

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In Nancy Grace’s head, she believes she’s playing Devil’s Advocate. What I’ve seen on the screen when I’ve had the displeasure of being exposed to this terrible excuse for a human is misogyny and racism. It’s hard to miss, she screams it at the top of her lungs just to make sure no one else can be heard.

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