CNN ditches Nancy Grace


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What took so long?!


Do people still watch CNN?


It seems CNN, though, has finally tired of all this shit…

Yet they hire Corey Lewandowski


The last time I saw Nancy Grace was on Boston Legal. They sometimes had her on in the background as if to say, “And you thought WE were nuts.”


If I recall, wasn’t she also a leading Birther?


Nancy, don’t let the door hit ya in the ass on the way out.


The fact that I live in the US and have absolutely no idea who this person is makes me feel … sane. Sane and calm.


So, she outright lied about the facts surrounding her fiance’s murder.

She was a prosecutor who was reprimanded REPEATEDLY for being awful. She lied, withheld evidence, and had “no concept of due process”.

After only a few years she got a TV show, where she drove people to suicide? She also openly and actively condemned anyone she could in the court of public opinion, with the basic rule being that any suspect was guilty and deserved to already be in prison?
How in the hell was this person allowed to be in media?
Oh, she got great ratings


And there was much rejoicing!


Merely a speedbump, people. Merely a speedbump.


$5 says Lewandowski gets her slot.


It’s entertaining when Dan Abrams and Nancy Grace are both on Good Morning America. Abrams will give this reasoned, thoughtful, and fairly objective legal analysis of whatever case they’re discussing. Grace will then start screaming about how clearly guilty the accused is while Abrams looks at her with an expression that unambiguously says, “What the hell are you talking about?”


Grace’s reputation is for shouting down guests and making dubious accusations,

And dancing faster than her dress.


Thank God. I literally can’t think of a single person I like less than her. I’ll be happy not to accidentally hear her screeching, wretched voice in airports and hospitals.

One of my best friends, a small town reporter, was a guest on her show one time. He’s an exceedingly bright guy, who also happens to be very nice. He came prepared to talk about his investigation into a story he was working and before the show, her producers prepped him on some questions she would be asking. When they went live, she proceeded to ask him all of these crazy, left field questions and try to bait him into saying outlandish things. Thankfully, he didn’t fall for it.

Years later, I realize that’s her MO. She tries to maintain the upper hand by deliberately misguiding her guests. I like pretty much everyone in the world, but I have a Cheney-level contempt for her.


She can go back to blogging full-time as Jennifer Mayers.


Maybe it’s like pro ball teams making a trade. Trump is still looking for a running mate, right?


They are so desperate for ratings that any douche will do


She is leaving cnn to be Trump’s VP.


That reminds me of some SNL sketches of Nancy Grace. I think it was Amy Poehler but it didn’t matter. The sketches might as well have been direct transcripts. She was beyond parody.