Revisiting the best live TV interview ever


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Call it a personal defect, if you will, but I prefer Guy to many run of the mill “professional” experts. You go, Guy!


did he get the job?





The best live interview was between Nancy Grace and Charles Bothuell, the father of a “missing” kid. Turns out he was home the entire time, barricaded in the basement.

Nancy tells him the son has been found live on TV, and you can see the entire world melt in front of his eyes as he tries to backpedal feverously. He’s literally stumped for words to say. He actually mutters “oh shit” under his breath when the gig is up.


I gotta watch all the way to the end? Do you know the answer if he got the job, why are you so cruuuueeeelllllll sob
hmm, think I’ll go eat some nutella with a spoon then.


There, there. I know that’s hard, so I fast-forwarded to the end for you.



Best interview? Maybe but he didn’t get the job and that’s the worst thing.


So did he know and was in on it, or is he just overwhelmed with the news on live tv?

Found the answer…


I’ve never exactly been a fan of Nancy Grace, but this was awesome! I started laughing 10-15 seconds in, then I felt sorry for the guy, then I realized the guy was a scammer caught up in a lie. Then I thought someone should make this into a song:

I checked my basement
The FBI checked my basement
The Detroit Police checked my basement
My wife checked my basement

Then the chorus:

The dogs searched my basement
We all searched my basement
The dogs searched my basement
Oh God



I should say not. I’ve seen Buddy Guy in the flesh. :wink:


I love that at 2:15 Nancy asks about his cellphone and he says that it died and he left it in the car to charge. Then at 3:28, he probably thinks he is off camera and proceeds to grab his cellphone.

Apparently, he is not very good at knowing where things are or finding things.


Same. But if Buddy Guy correctly explained how people get their Internet content in a live TV ambush interview, you better believe someone would offer him a job.


So the kid was hiding to keep from being beaten anymore. I’m willing to believe the parents honestly couldn’t find him and thought he was gone…his life depended on not being found.


He knew he was on camera, and that’s a phone they found for him so that he could make a call.

You can see him beg the producer to let him go, but of course it’s too juicy to just give him an OK to walk off.

Still, if he were happy about them finding his kid, I don’t think he’d bother about the producer’s permission to leave.

You couldn’t keep me in that chair once I knew my kid was ok, but it’s clearly not the same thing.


Makes sense.
Like you, my reaction would have been different than his. But, I guess you never really know how to react in such a crisis type situation and on TV to boot.

(edit: oops, meant to say that my reaction would have been different than HIS, not yours, SlyBevel)


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